3D Lipo Customer Journey

Read a clients experience with our latest non-surgical treatments.

Non surgical fat loss treatments? Sounds better than the knife..

A pretty generous discount on a 3d lipo course treatment in exchange for an honest testimonial and some words about my journey? Yes please Create Your Beauty. The perks of being the salons favourite (my words not theirs) long term customer, is that sometimes you get to be the guinea pig for these super exciting new treatments.

So about myself; I’m a 37 year old female with a fairly sedentary life style, it’s not that I dislike exercise but due to some knee problems it has become more problematic to go on runs etc. these last few years. That coupled with my metabolism slowing down has led to a few extra pounds of fat forming where they were certainly not invited! My diet is pretty healthy and I watch my sugar consumption especially so at this point I’m happy for some extra technological assistance.

I had seen some mentions of 3D lipo before (or non-surgical lipo suction) on morning TV shows and in magazines. They often detailed the success certain celebs have had but I wasn’t really aware that this was becoming accessible to a more financially modest demographic. So as you can imagine I was proper excited to tell my friends and family but as soon as they heard the word “lipo” they freaked out! I’m sure images of scalpels and blood and American medical TV shows were flashing through their heads but once I explained it’s a non surgical, non invasive treatment their fears turned to envy!

First things first I came in for my consultation where we discussed the main areas I’d like to target (stomach area, inner thighs, upper arms), we took some measurements and I was able to ask all the questions I had. The course of treatment I was set on was to target fat removal, reduce cellulite and promote skin tightening, all this would be achieved through 3D Cryo-freeze, 3D Cavitation and 3D Radio frequency therapies using the 3D Ultimate machine. The time span of treatments was to be over 2 months so I would be receiving weekly treatments for a total volume of 3 cyro freeze session, and 8 sessions of Cavitation with Radio frequency to be performed after each.

How did each treatment feel?

Cyro freeze:

Starting with my stomach, the excess areas of fat were gently lifted by a vacuum like device and placed between 2 metal plates, once the treatment begins the temperature of the area is reduced to -6° for 60 minutes. This process destroys up to 40% of fat cells that are being held by the vacuum cup.

It was an unusual feeling but certainly not painful or even uncomfortable, just different! Preparation was quick and then it was just a matter of me having a natter with the friendly staff whilst the treatment did it’s icy magic. To be honest after a short time the area went numb (to be expected) and then I felt nothing at all. Once the application was complete the vacuum device released the mound of my stomach it had been holding, the area was still cold, numb and ever so slightly red. Within 24 hours all of these sensations had completely vanished although it can be expected to persist a little longer in some cases I’m told.

Over the course of the next 6 months my body will be either converting the fat cells in this area to energy or simply eliminating them through my own metabolism. I am told I only need this done once per area so within 3 applications I will be finished with the fat freezing part of my regiment.


After waiting around a week it was time to have my first round of the Cavitation treatment. The treatment targets large areas where fatty tissues have collected. The 3D ultimate machine uses an ultrasound wave which disrupts the membranes of fat cells. The application of the ultrasound wave creates a vibration within the fat layer causing the fat cells to breakdown. Just like with Cryo Freezing, the fat cells are converted to energy or safely removed through your natural metabolism.

I wasn’t expecting this treatment to be so relaxing but the machine just felt like a massage against my body, they apply some gel and then start moving the device in circular motions, it starts off cold and warms up in a soothing way. I heard some buzzing in my ears which is totally normal and not at all painful. Flicking through some magazines the time flew by as the therapist worked their magic on my stubborn flab. If you want you can close your eyes and imagine the fat just melting away which is a very satisfying feeling!

Afterwards I felt a little tingly in the area but that faded within hours. I was recommended to stay very well hydrated over the course of my treatments as this aids the metabolic process. Results I was told can be noticed as soon as after the first session!

Radio Frequency

So whenever I hear the two words “skin tightening” I am prone to impulse purchases. So when the 3D Rf treatment was mentioned to me I had to try it out.

Radio Frequency is effective in tightening the skin. The treatment heats up the deeper dermis of the skin to a constant 40° temperature which stimulates the connective tissues that produce collagen and elastin, this super powers the process stimulating new collagen and elastin fibres to tighten and firm up the area.

After every Cavitation session I had the radio frequency device applied to my face and body, again it feels just like a warm massage and is totally relaxing. I might be imagining things but I could swear my skin looked different (in a good way) the morning after my first treatment.

All of my treatments took under an hour to complete and I could go on with my day just like normal afterwards.

Results so far?

Right now I’m at the 3 week mark so it’s still too early to have the complete results from the Cyro Fat Freezing but after I measured myself (which I made sure to do before starting) I have already lost at least 2 inches around my waist. This is with my daily calorie intake staying the same and no change to my exercise routine.

Am I happy? You betcha. Looking forward to seeing where I’m down to after completing my 8 week course of cavitation – I’ll be sure to email in the last part of my journey for Create Your Beauty to publish once it’s ready. Thanks to everyone who has helped me feel like a princess!

— You can check out our 3d lipo treatment here.