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Definition of a beauty salon

A poplar personal health choice on the high street, beauty salons often combined with spas offer cosmetic and relaxology treatments. Comprising of most commonly a small team of staff a beauty salon can be relied on to offer a range of beauty treatments and relaxation services for men and women. Beauty salons will usually be well experienced in a variety of services including professional eye brow treatments and styling, manicures and pedicures, make overs and tanning options.
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Employment & Licensing information for beauty salons

Beauty salons recruit staff from multiple beauty professions including cosmetologists specialising in general beauty treatments. Beauty salon licensing requirements are different depending on the country you’re in, and it depends on the chosen license any practising beauty professional may be looking to acquire; general cosmetologist, hair stylist, esthetician, manicurist, barber, electrologist, nail technician, massage therapists, receptionist and admin staff, accountants.

Common services for a beauty salon to offer.

Beauty salon differ in the services that they offer for instance some may only offer hair cutting & barber services, or nail services, manicures and pedicures. Most of the time businesses classified as beauty salons provide a combination of hair styling and nail or tanning services. These days a lot of beauty salons also offer spa and massage treatments, this may include use of heat therapy and steam room treatments. Some beauty salons may specifically offer skin care services performed by estheticians, including refreshing facials, blemish fading, eye brow tinting, exfoliating scrubs and anti-aging techniques. A beauty business that just soley the skin care and esthetician services is commonly referred to as a spa or day spa. Some beauty salons may also accommodate performance & arts requests, special FX makeup etc. Some modern beauty salons also feature flotation tanks otherwise known as sensory depravation tanks.

Products used by and sold by beauty salons

As well as offering actual hands on treatments beauty salons also include retail sales of beauty products for customers. Skin care products may include moisturiser, exfoliants, organic products, anti-acne products, tanning and bronzing products, massage oils, anti-blemish products. Nail care products usually sold are nail polish, acrylic nails, and nail care accessories. General cosmetic beauty products may include makeup and eye brow products.
Here is an example of a beauty salon from a long time ago it really is rather the contrast to the what one can expect to see today: