Advice from our experts on facial treatment frequency.




Are facials one of the most visually satisfying treatments? Yes. Do they often provide instant results? Yes. Should you get one? YES! How often should you get one? Well that’s where it can get a little more complex.

Having a routine facial treatment should be part of everyone’s tailored skin care regiment, but deciding how frequently depends on a variety of factors and not just your wallet.

After 60 minutes of pure relaxation from the warm steam, soothing mask and the inclusive massage you walk out of our salon in a state of pure bliss. You’re less stressed and you look and feel the best you have done all week.

There’s no surprise then that these facial treatments are so addictive. You’re probably already considering when to get your next one. However there is a point of diminishing returns when it comes to facial treatments. So now the question is what is the perfect amount for your skin?. We’re afraid to say there isn’t a straight forward answer here.

Everyone’s skin type differs, as does your age, healing time and the environment you’re in. We’ve put together some advice below which hopefully makes things a little clearer for choosing how often to get that revitalising facial.


Skin care professionals advise that you indulge in a facial treatment about every three to four weeks. That’s the length of time it takes for your skin to move through the full life cycle of skin cell growth and exfoliation. A facial helps accelerate that process which is why it feels like you have revealed youthful new skin. Facial treatments will keep your complexion clear, exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce sebum and shrink your pores to reduce the appearance of sebaceous filaments. Too often and you might start experience the opposite as your skin starts to compensate for being stripped down and ends ups producing more sebum.


For individuals who face the challenges of frequent acne breakouts or flare ups as well as those with oilier skin, having a facial as frequently as very 2 weeks will help manage these issues. What is often the case is that these more frequent facials will bring your skin to a better place where you can then reduce the frequency once your acne symptoms become more manageable. Of course you should also consider any prescription treatments such as tretinoin and hormonal medicine which may effect the sensitivity of your skin to other ingredients.


We understand that factors such as cost and how much time you have available to indulge in these treatments play a large role. If you were to find a compromise and the minimum amount of facials you should receive to keep your skin glowing then once per season would still show a lot of benefit to your complexion. The elements of Summer, Winter and everything in-between can dry out your skin, causing uneven tones and exaggerating the signs of ageing. We should aim to always assist the natural cycling of our skin and encourage the shedding / exfoliation of compromised cells whilst keeping our moisture barrier intact. You will most likely require different facial treatments depending on the time of year and how your skin reacts accordingly to environmental changes.


Yes there is too much of a good thing. As nurturing and satisfying as a facial can be, it is very possible that your skin will react badly if you are receiving them too frequently. Some facials for example include a high percentage concentrate of Glycolic acid, this ingredient exfoliates the top layer of skin to encourage cell turn over. Doing this too often, especially to skin that isn’t used to it will result in redness, dryness and inflammation. With that said not all facials are geared towards exfoliation or cleaning pores. If you are receiving moisturising / hydrating facial treatments there may not be any adverse effects to include them more frequently. The best thing you can do is consult with a specialist here at Create Your Beauty and we can tailor the best schedule of treatments tot suit you.

We have also just launched a facial membership package. This means you can have the perfect schedule of facials and save money at the same time.