Famous places in Watford

Places in Watford

Visit Cassiobury Park

Cassiobury Park is one of Watford’s most commonly undiscovered treasures, although it is relativity close to the city centre many visitors to Watford are unaware that such a peaceful and relaxing park is located nearby the hustle and bustle of Watford town centre. As well as being a great attraction for people looking to relax or walk their dogs, it is also a popular spot for joggers, fishermen down by the canal as well as being a popular pastime location for boat enthusiasts.

The aforementioned canal is located along the western side of the park, this canal is within walking distance from the spalsh area and playground especially popular with families during summer holidays. The location of the canal acts as a divider between the park and Whippendell Woods. There is a beautiful and traditional bridge which serves as a fantastic vantage point to watch boats pass by as well as a couple of conveniently located benches to sit and have your lunch and enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings.

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Live music at the Watford Colosseum

If you are visiting Watford to attend a live music event chances are you will be going to the Watford Colosseum, the Watford Colosseum is a 1,309 seat venue situated at the centre of Watford and has been the home to some of the most celebrated musical acts in the world.

The Watford Colosseum was commissioned to be built in 1938 to serve as the Watford town Hall assembly rooms and was designed by the architect Charles Cowles-Voysey and acoustician Hope Bagenal. Notably and quite impressively Hope Bagenal was also a major contributor to the refurbishment of the Royal Albert Hall and the construction of the Royal Festival Hall which are both revered acoustic accomplishments.

Without a doubt the Colosseum is Watford’s leading concert venue and is widely respected for its acoustic properties. Famously the building has been used to record orchestral scores or soundtracks for famous films including Lord of the rings, Sound of music and even the ever popular Star Wars.

In 2009 an acoustics company evaluated the venue and it’s audio quality and claimed that due to the size and shoebox shape of the whole as well as the flat floor and the materials used to construct the building a unique achievement of satisfying reverberation and excellent sound quality of which has attracted the performances of Elton John, Genesis, Jools Holland and even one direction.

The Watford Borough Council own the Watford Colosseum and it is managed by HQ Theatres & Hospitality which is one of the largest theatre operators in the United Kingdom.


Intu Watford previously known as the Harlequin

Intu Watford previously known as the Harlequin is a large shopping centre with over 200 different retail stores Intu Watford offers a very diverse shopping experience, the shops under the Intu Watford management begin just outside the city centre along Beechen Grove. There are over 2000 parking spots and 4 separate car parks so arriving by car is easy and visitors coming from far away might prefer to arrive by train via the Watford High Street train station and from there it’s an easy 5 minute walk to get into the main shopping mall.

These are just a few interesting attractions in Watford, if you are visiting you may also want to check out the fire museum or any one of the many museums in Watford. Learn more facts and helpful information out about watford in our quick guide to Watford.