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Time and Price
Special offer prices throughout July Skin Rejuvenation Facial (45min), : £45
or Ultimate Anti-ageing Facial (90mins) : £90

SkinBreeze Treatment in Watford

How does SkinBreeze treatment work and what are the benefits?

If like most of us you’re constantly searching for ways to achieve a cleaner, brighter, more youthful complexion, then our latest addition to the Create Your Beauty range “SkinBreeze” should be of particular interest to you. This next generation treatment is already delighting our clients with the latest innovative, skin resurfacing technology.

Skinbreeze is skin resurfacing treatment that combines LED light therapy, O2 infusion, and Orbital Microdermabrasion. The Orbital Dermabrasion decrease fine lines and blemishes with a gentle yet incredibly effective approach. The LED light therapy neutralises nasty bacteria and reduces irritating redness. Skinbreeze is a complete and scientifically designed 3 step treatment using advanced techniques to obtain impressive results.

What Does Skinbreeze Treat?

Skinbreeze is one of the latest treatments available to clear, revitalize and gently smooth all skin types. It is effective in the treatment of the following conditions:

– Acne
– Fine Lines and wrinkles
– Wound healing
– Skin Inflammation
– Stretch marks
– Sun damage
– Age spots
– Dry / Dehydrated skin

What Are The Benefits Of SkinBreeze?

Skinbreeze is very beneficial for all skin types and comes as a highly recommended choice for anyone looking for a visible improvement in their skins appearance.

Major benefits of the treatment are:

Anti Ageing

Skinbreeze fights the common signs of ageing and helps improve dark circles under eyes, wrinkles and fine lines.

Skin Brightening

Skinbreeze is an excellent way to brighten up your entire complexion, redness is decreased, providing overall balance to your skin tone and a noticeable reduction in discoloration and pigmentation.

Non-surgical / No Needles!

No problem if you have a fear of needles, Skinbreeze is entirely non-surgical which makes it a very attractive alternative to cosmetic injections such as fillers.


Skinbreeze hydrates the skin by replenishing any moisture loss

Reversing Sun Damage

Skinbreeze effectively calms, soothes and repairs damage from too much UV exposure.

Smoking Lines

Skinbreeze helps to reduce smokers lines including the common lip lines associated with habitual smoking. The treatment plumps the skin, achieving fuller looking lips.

Appearance of Hands

SkinBreeze has been proven to reduce the visibility of age spots on the hands, balances out the skin tone and intensively moisturises hands leaving them looking healthier and more youthful.