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Dedicated to keeping ourselves at the forefront of beauty & well being; Create Your Beauty is excited to offer a new range of medispa treatments. Through the marriage of traditional beauty treatments and medical beauty procedures these premium services achieve consistently outstanding results. Medispa treatments blend medical technology with traditional relaxation techniques to immerse you in an experience that rejuvenates your skin while easing your mind with long-lasting benefits. Our skin is often the part of our bodies that is most in need of some professional attention. Through sunlight exposure, smoking, pollution and lackluster diets our skin starts to show visible signs of damage and ageing. Symptoms such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone as well as losing elasticity and softness are problems many of us face. Medispa treatments such as glycolic facepeels (chemical peels), derma rolling, genosys, microneedling, mesotherapy, L.E.D therapy. Our cosmetic skincare services are excellent for rejuvenating and healing skin as well as effective in reducing the symptoms of various dermatological issues. These new treatments use the latest technology to provide non-invasive, non-surgical options for people looking for a dramatic, visible difference in the appearance of their health and skin resulting in looking visibly younger. Results are visible from the very first treatments with the option for long term packages to achieve the maximum benefit. No needles, no knife and no need to book time of work. We’re among the first “dayspa” type salons in Watford to offer this new range of treatments and the response so far from our existing clients has been exceedingly positive, successfully blending our renown holistic approach with the latest in skincare science.

Genosys treatment range:

LED Therapy
Geno-LED is a LLLL device which resolves complicated skin problems with the led light. It facilitates regeneration and soothing and resolves skin troubles by irradiating lights with various wavelengths ranging from 423nm to 640nm. Since it uses excellent and strong high-brightness special near-infrared SMD LED (Surface-Mounted-Device Light- Emitting Diode) elements, it produces excellent effects. GENO-LED is a light source irradiation device which painlessly and safely takes care of risks which are disadvatages of general conherent laser treatments such as heat damage and photo-aging wounds. 20 min session : £25 per treatment maximum 40 minutes per week Treatment course x6 pay for 5 get 6th free

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Glycolic Facepeels
Skin peels are a skincare treatment administered to the face to enhance and smooth the texture of the skin.They are regularly in the treatment of uneven pigmentation, blemishes and wrinkles. Skin peels exfoliate the top, dead layer of skin revealing a new layer of skin with improved texture and tone.First of all, glycolic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived from sugar cane. With a very small molecule size, it is able to penetrate through to the upper layers of the epidermis. 40% Glycolic Acid peel with a sensible pH is gentle enough not to induce unwanted peeling and irritation but powerful enough to deliver superb results. Therefore, maintaining a healthy, intact Stratum Corneum is essential. Above all, “burning” does not necessarily lead to positive results. £40 per treatment (Treatment course x6 pay for 5 get 6th free) Dermapeel £50 per treatment (Treatment course x6 pay for 5 get 6th free)

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Mesotherapy is a non-surgical technique used to inject vitamins, enzymes, pharmaceutical and homoeopathic medications into the skin. These injections only create superficial breaks in the skin, but enough to allow the essential products to penetrate the middle layer of the skin. Mesotherapy is a safe, natural skin therapy and is ideal for dry, dehydrated and dull skin or simply as a skin boost. Treatment can be applied to the whole face, neck, chest, and hands. This unique process involves a series of extremely superficial micro-needles to the epidermis which allows for transportation of ingredients within serums to the epidermal layer where cellular interaction takes place.Using a very fine needle to slightly break the surface of the skin, one is able to nourish and rejuvenate the skin promoting the production of collagen, strengthening elastin fibers and stimulating cell metabolism. Also, the delivery of Mesotherapy can be optimised by combining the treatment with a superficial glycolic skin peel. The action of the glycolic peel exfoliates dead skin cells and unclogs pores allowing for improved penetration of the Mesotherapy cocktail. £40 per treatment (Treatment course x6 pay for 5 get 6th free)

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Microneedling is a procedure whereby a device, such as a dermaroller or an automated pen device, is used upon the surface of the skin creating superficial punctures that stimulate a healing response. A professional microneedling treatment is intended to cause a degree of trauma to the skin.This trauma stimulates new collagen cells in abundance. The ageing process, low body weight, regular intense exercise, smoking, drinking, diet and the environment all impacts collagen and elastin. By creating 1000’s of minor wounds the skin begins to heal itself, as would any wound in 3 stages.Microneedling treatments are simple, safe and quick to apply to clients. Each treatment lasts around half an hour. Stimulates the production of elastin and collagen in the skin without causing damage. Microchannels created by minuscule needles enable greater absorption of active ingredients into the skin creating better results for your clients. These superficial breaks created by your microneedling device boost the skin’s repair system resulting in firmer and younger looking skin. Dermarolling or Dermafix Pen (microneedling) £120 per treatment (Treatment course x6 pay for 5 get 6th free) maximum x1 treatment every 4 weeks

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Here at CYB we utilise the incredibly effective Genosys product range into our tailored treatment plans. This cannot be replicated at home without the care of a professional. If you wish to browse what products are available to purchase online you can register at this supplier of Genosys products.


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