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Semi Permanent Makeup by Create Your Beauty

What is Semi Permanent Makeup?

Semi Permanent Makeup is the art of infusing pigment into the skin using a needle or a microblade – sometimes known as Cosmetic Tattooing, Permanent Makeup or Micropigmentation – to create enhancements and definition to the facial features.

Difference between semi-permanent makeup & body tattooing

Despite its name, Semi Permanent Makeup enhancements typically last between 1-3 years in the skin. This is because pure pigments are used, which are designed to slowly fade out over time whilst remaining true to the original colour. The pigments are also only applied into the upper reticular layer of the dermis, which is a much shallower depth than traditional tattoos. This gives the technician the ability to make tweaks to client enhancements over time, to ensure that it always looks appropriate and flattering to our features as we age. Of course, the brows that we may favour in our twenties may not be the brows that we want in our fifties!

In body tattoos, inks are used instead of pigments, which last a lifetime and are usually unstable, meaning that they change to different colours as they age (you may see older body tattoos turning blue/green over time!). Body tattoo inks are also applied much deeper in the dermis that Permanent Makeup.
Many people confuse semi permanent makeup with body tattooing, and thus are wary of having a treatment. However, if a reputable technician is used, Permanent Makeup is an effective way of enhancing the facial features very subtly and can help improve confidence in the client.

semi permanent makeup watford

“I love my amazing new lips! They are full of colour but not to the point of being over the top – just perfect. Thank you for the great treatment and for making me feel so comfortable throughout. ” – Emma

“I have always been allergic to 99% of cosmetic products but quite frankly would still bear the discomfort to make sure I had a good looking brow line. Thanks to Create Your Beauty I now have an even more captivating (or so my hubby tells me) look that doesn’t cause me to break out or itch all day. Couldn’t be more pleased with the results. ” – Susan

Who would benefit from Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup is extremely beneficial to:

  • Clients who cannot wear regular cosmetics due to allergies and skin sensitivities. Permanent make up will can be used to give the appearance of makeup, such as lip tint or eyeliner, without the client having to use daily products that may cause reactions. The Biotek pigments used by Create Your Beauty are so pure that they can even be used by clients with nickel allergies.
  • Clients that are active, and participate in sports activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, tennis, aerobics etc, and don’t want to worry about “sweating off” or having to reapply regular makeup.
  • Older clients, who find it difficult to apply precision eyeliner or brow pencil, perhaps due to arthritis or impaired vision. Permanent Makeup can help with clients who also have conditions which cause the hands to shake, making applying regular cosmetics difficult.
  • Clients who suffer with thyroid issues, which cause the loss of hair in the eyebrow ‘tails’. Natural looking brow hairs can be simulated with Permanent Makeup, giving the appearance of a fuller brow.
  • Clients with alopecia, which can cause a loss of brow or eyelash hairs. Permanent Makeup would give back the appearance of brow hair and definition to the eye area.
  • Clients who have a busy lifestyle and do not have time to apply cosmetics in the morning, but want to look their best. Busy mums that want to look like they have applied makeup for the morning school run, without having the time to do so.
  • Caucasian ladies over the age of 45, who may have lost the definition to the vermillion border (the edge) of their lips, that would like definition and colour back in the lip tissue for a fuller looking mouth.

Does Permanent Makeup hurt?

Before the treatment,  we apply a topical numbing agent to the area, to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Clients usually rate the discomfort on a scale of 1-10, with a ‘1-2’ being usual for brow treatments, a ‘3’ being usual for an eyeliner treatment, and a ‘5-6’ being usual for lip treatments. The numbing agent is continually topped up throughout the procedure.

Unlike many needles on the market, Biotek needles are silver-soldered together in the cartridge, ensuring a smooth entry into the skin, keeping discomfort to the minimum, and promoting faster healing times. Clients that have previously had treatments elsewhere have commented that the Biotek treatment is less uncomfortable that what they have experience before, and with our gentle touch some of them have even begun to fall asleep!


Consultation – FREE
An in-depth consultation, where the client’s medical history will be assessed, and the procedure explained. The technician will determine the most suitable colours and shapes for the client’s treatment, and perform a sensitivity patch test.
Signature Microbladed Hairstroke Brow – £250
Ultra-fine hair-strokes that seamlessly blend with natural brow hair, and give the appearance of a naturally fuller, more defined brow shape. Includes a refill treatment 4-12 weeks later (4-6 weeks for microblading)
Ombre Powder Brow Treatment – £280
As shading technique to give a soft, powdery, graduated makeup effect to the brow area, giving a denser, more defined shape. Includes a refill treatment 4-12 weeks later.
Fine Eyeliner/Lash Definer Treatment, Upper or lower lids – £250
A fine line of pigment, or a series of tiny dots (pointillism) placed along the lash line to give the appearance of fine eyeliner and/or thicker lashes. Includes a refill treatment 4-12 weeks later.
Fine Eyeliner/Lash Definer Treatment, Both lids – £260
Includes a refill treatment 4-12 weeks later.
Lip Contour and Youth Blush Treatment – £300
Discreet defining of the lip border, with a blush shading of pigment throughout the outer lip area, to give a flush of youthful colour. Includes a refill treatment 4-12 weeks later
Please note* consultations will need to be paid in full to secure an appointment, and a £100 deposit will be required to secure all treatment bookings.


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