Beauty Treatments in Watford

At Create Your Beauty we offer a full range of Beauty Treatments, delivered by caring, understanding professionals.

Arms and legs waxing: Click here to see prices

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Waxu Strip Wax:

Using Waxu’s unique sensitive strip wax and techniques, our therapists will give you super smooth results like never before, plus protecting from irritation and prevention of ingrowing hairs.

Arms and legs…

Arms and Legs waxing treatments Price
Full Leg £25.00
¾ Leg £20.00
½ Leg £15.00
Underarm £10.00
Full Arm £18.00
½ Arm £12.00

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Intimate…mate waxing treatments Price
Standard Bikini £15.00
Brazilian £25.00
Hollywood £30.00
BTC £10.00

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Facial waxing treatments Price
Lip or Chin £6.00
Lip and Chin £10.00
Sides of Face £8.00
Full Face (excludes eyebrows) £15.00
Eyebrow Shape £12.00

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Our Waxu Signature Intimate Hot Wax Treatments:

We offer popular treatments including Waxu’s new revolutionary signature waxing treatments.
Waxu is the UK’s only dedicated intimate wax brand, and our therapists are fully trained Waxu experts. Using Waxu’s unique hot wax and/or sensitive strip wax where you will get super smooth results like never before using a specialised Waxu technique removing all hair whilst remaining extremely comfortable. With Waxu you don’t feel like you have just had a full intimate wax done, it’s relatively pain free!

Our advanced wax formula sets thinly and moulds to the contours of the skin attaching to the hairs and remains flexible for a comfortable removal. Hot wax is thickly spread on the areas, (most commonly used in more sensitive/intimate areas). The heat of the wax opens the pores, creating a more confortable wax.

Waxu Intimate Hot Wax Treatments Price
Standard Bikini £25.00
Extended Bikini £30.00
Brazilian £35.00
Hollywood £40.00
BTC £12.00
Underarm £12.00

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Eye Treatments:

Eye beauty treatments Price
Eyelash Tint £15.00
Eyebrow Tint £12.00
Lash & Brow Tint £20.00
Brow Sculpting £25.00
Individual Nova Lashes £85.00

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Threading treatments Price
Brows £8.00
Chin, Neck or Forehead £5.00
Sides £8.00
Upper or Lower Lip £4.00
Full Face (excluding Brows) £18.00

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