Crushed Cabernet Scrub Massage Create Your Beauty Watford Hertfordshire
Caudalie Signature Treatments Create Your Beauty Watford

Create Your Beauty is proud to bring you a full range of Caudalie’s Signature Spa, Facial and Body treatments…

Caudalie’s exclusive spa treatments are designed to indulge the skin while providing visible results thanks to products renowned worldwide for their exceptional anti-oxidant properties.

Caudalie’s luxurious spa treatments combine amazing facial and body techniques, designed to both stimulate and soothe the skin, with their award winning skin firming, collagen boosting, antioxidant, patented products. Together they cleanse, repair, nourish and protect your skin.

Whatever your skin type, young, sensitive, mature, scarred, dry, combination or oily, there’ll be a natural treatment that will suit you.

Feel indulged, pampered and replenished with the Earth’s natural treasures. Know that the treatments you choose are non-toxic, natural and not tested on animals.

Not only does it make you feel and look good….it is good!





Caudalie Signature Treatments Create Your Beauty Watford