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For more than 40 years, Decleor continues to lead with its visionary approach to beauty, as the trusted expert and innovator in aromatherapy skincare.

Combining nature’s purest and most potent active ingredients, DECLÉOR scientifically selects and masterfully blends premium Essential Oils to deliver for each skin need, targeted and proven skincare solutions. Understanding that beauty and well-being are intrinsically linked, DECLÉOR offers a unique sensorial experience that visibly enhances the skin’s natural health and radiance.

Trusted by the world’s best beauty professionals, DECLÉOR offers specialist products and exclusive massage techniques and treatments to deliver the ultimate in skincare results and professional care.

Our Philosophy & Commitment:

Skin – the power of plants on every inch of skin. Decleor knows that nature remains the best ‘antidote’ there is to the challenges of urban life.

Body – Rituals choreographed to foster well-being and crescendo-effect performance.  Deliberate and precise strokes, full of vitality.  This is the Decleor body care philosophy, offering a truly unique experience.

Mind – Re-balancing emotions and combatting stress by inhaling active scents.  Aromachology represents the power of active scents to deeply re-balance emotions.  It is also a way of allowing yourself to take the time to breath consciously.

The Decleor in-salon experience available as one of our many treatments begins with a back diagnostic, to ensure the treatment is entirely bespoke to your client’s skin and body needs.  The ritual mirrors a perfectly balanced symphony, harmonising skin, body and mind.  At the end of treatment, the body is replenished with a new energy and the mind is at ease, with a reclaimed serenity.  Every ritual harnesses more than 40 years of experience.


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