Float Like  A Boat…

Following a couple of long tango sessions over the weekend where my feet and legs had given their best, I was really looking forward to my Monday morning trip to a recently opened salon in Watford – www.createyourbeauty.co.uk – to experience a float in their purpose-built room.

I left the balmy late summer morning to step into the well-fitted interior where Jo gave me a very warm welcome and explained the benefits of cutting off external stimuli to facilitate speedy relaxation. The use of earplugs (the float room is sound-proofed and soft music is played at the start and end of your float), turning off the lights, and being horizontal means your central nervous system has the chance to have the best rest it can, allowing the brain to go into a theta wave state (as someone who is prone to wandering through very dark woods with only my senses as a guide, I can appreciate this). Another significant benefit of a float is the absorption of magnesium sulphate through the skin – a mineral not easily absorbed orally – which improves muscular relaxation and is key to a myriad of other bodily processes.

The flotation space has a shower for use before and after, as it’s important to remove all product traces before entering, although each session is concluded by the fluid being circulated through filters and UV light ready for the next client.

Having been in flotation tanks before, I assumed the experience would be similar but with a little more head room. I was right in that respect, but the conditions in this space were obviously more controlled, the air and liquid temperature being the same. Although I don’t usually consider myself to be claustrophobic, the very warm humid air triggered some distant memory in me that made me want to panic, feeling in danger of not being able to breathe, but it was distant enough for me to consciously override and reconsider later.

Although there are tiny lights in the ceiling, I just went straight for total darkness, and settled back into the support of the dense magnesium solution to support my weight. For me, it’s easy to relax the physical form, but having been doing lots of computer work of late, not so easy to switch off the brain – why, as soon as I lay down, I was writing this article! Soon though, I began to settle into observing my breath and trying not to think about the beads of sweat that were tickling my face (previous experience reminded me not to touch my eyes and spoil the experience with stinging eyes, although this salon thoughtfully provides a flannel for such moments).

On this occasion, I only briefly achieved the state of relaxation I know is possible for me, and being morning, I certainly didn’t fall asleep, so I will make a return visit – perhaps at a different time of day – and try to hone my ability to relax, for that is an art in itself.

I have to say this salon gave the impression of having a more practical approach to health, beauty and wellbeing than most places I’ve visited, and I found that refreshing. They have a progressive attitude in terms of what they offer and I feel it’s a place where the customer really can find what they want. As for floating – it’s the most divine experience to feel totally weightless, and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys time with themselves.

Written by Angela Delglyn