floatation tank

First I had a rainforest shower, then entered the floatation room.
I was like a kid in a candy shop! Floating weightless with starlight above me and light underneath. I floated twirling around and bouncing myself from one side to the other was FUN.
But I was here to relax so I turned each light off in turn and they both gave such a different experience. I loved laying in semi darkness with the starlights above me.
Colin and Jo recommended I turn the lights off, so I did..
I was surprised how long it took to relax my mind. First I was inundated with all the normal daily thoughts but before long I was aware that I was semi-dreaming gobbledegook , very amusing!
Next came the Calm. I was aware of feeling totally ensconced and there was no pain, no thoughts, just the safe darkness. I was so relaxed the only thing I had to do was to remember to Breathe!  It was incredible.
Having had spinal surgery, the only time I have felt like this was when the surgeon gave me Morphine!
After an hour of bliss the music gently came on to bring me back to reality. Time to get out and have another lovely shower. If I had my way I would have loved to stay longer, the only thing to tempt me out was my massage with the incredibly talented Colin. X

By Paula Monk