Floatation tank therapy aids in sports recovery

floatation therapy injury recovery

As a professional footballer I’m always looking for ways to improve my health and recovery. I’m 33 years old and in football terms I’m near retirement territory so every percentage helps.

Aside from football I’m very busy with my business which can be stressful and I also suffer from colitis so as you can imagine health is extremely important to me.

I decided to have a go in the flotation tank as it ticked all the boxes. Magnesium is a must for my body, relaxation for the mind especially as I’m starting to meditate and also the fact that I love being pampered!

For anyone that hasn’t used this before I’ll let you know what my debut experience was like.

How it works:

I used the ear plugs as I’m not a big fan of water in the ears and I wanted to be fully submerged for the process. When you lie in the water you start to tense your neck muscles as you don’t feel comfortable letting you head drop but once you overcome this weird sensation you end up being in one of the most relaxing, peaceful environments one can imagine.

My session was 1 hour long and I can genuinely say I thought it lasted around 30 minutes. I fell asleep for a good half an hour without realising and for those of you wondering how can you sleep floating trust me you can.

Once the session finishes you feel in a place of peace. Relaxation at its maximum. That evening I slept very well and felt fresh the next morning.

I’ll be incorporating this into my weekly regime. It’s something I’ll be recommending to fellow footballers for quicker recovery. Anyone wondering whether they should give this a go and have some of the highlighted business or physical stresses then get in the tank, you won’t regret it.

By David Hunt.